Accepted Papers

Paper ID Title Authors
6 BCI: Breast Cancer Immunohistochemical Image Generation through Pyramid Pix2pix Shengjie Liu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)*; Chuang Zhu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications ); Feng Xu (Capital Medical University); Xinyu Jia (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Zhongyue Shi (Capital Medical University); Mulan Jin (Capital Medical University)
8 Cell Selection-based Data Reduction Pipeline for Whole Slide Image Analysis of Acute Myeloid Leukemia Jacqueline Kockwelp (University of Münster); Sebastian Thiele (University of Münster); Pascal Kockwelp (University of Münster); Jannis Bartsch (University Hostpial Münster); Christoph Schliemann (University Hospital Münster); Linus Angenendt (University Hospital Münster); Benjamin Risse (University of Münster)*
10 Multi stain graph fusion for multimodal integration in pathology Chaitanya Dwivedi (Path AI)*; Shima Nofallah (University of Washington); Maryam Dr. Pouryahya (Astrazeneca); Janani Iyer (PathAI); Kenneth K Leidal (PathAI); chuhan chung (Gilead Sciences, Inc.); Timothy R Watkins (Gilead Sciences); Andrew N Billin (Gilead Sciences, Inc.); Robert P Myers (The Liver Company); John Abel (PathAI); Ali Behrooz (PathAI)
12 Fourier Image Transformer Tim-Oliver Buchholz (FMI and CSBD/MPI-CBG); Florian Jug (Human Technopole/ MPI-CBG)*
14 Multi-Class Cell Detection Using Modified Self-Attention Tatsuhiko Sugimoto (Kyushu university)*; Hiroaki Ito (Kyoto university hospital); Yuki Teramoto (Kyoto University); Akihiko Yoshizawa (Kyoto University); Ryoma Bise (Kyushu University)
16 Blood Vessel Segmentation from Low-Contrast and Wide-Field Optical Microscopic Images of Cranial Window by Attention-Gate-Based Network YUNHENG WU (Nagoya University)*; Masahiro Oda (Nagoya University); Yuichiro Hayashi (Nagoya University); Takanori Takebe (Tokyo Medical and Dental University); Shogo Nagata (Keio University); wang cheng (nagoya university); Kensaku Mori (Nagoya University)
10 Self-Supervised Voxel-Level Representation Rediscovers Subcellular Structures in Volume Electron Microscopy Hongqing Han (University of Oxford)*; Mariia Dmitrieva (University of Oxford); Alexander Sauer (University of Oxford); Ka Ho Tam (University of Oxford); Jens Rittscher (Oxford)
23 An Ensemble Learning and Slice Fusion Strategy for Three-Dimensional Nuclei Instance Segmentation Liming Wu (Purdue University)*; Alain Chen (Purdue University); Paul Salama (Indiana University-Purdue University); Kenneth Dunn (Indiana University); Edward Delp (Purdue University)